Maidenhair on the wall

maidenhair_shadow2-201604Soft and low evening sunlight casts a maidenhair fern shadow on the wall.

I didn’t spot the ‘face’ on the wall until looking at the image on screen.

6 thoughts on “Maidenhair on the wall

  1. Oh dear me, you naughty, naughty woman, my knees have just gone unnecessary again! I can only say that this is absolutely, totally gorgeous, and that I am green with envy. There are three things. First, the simplicity knocks me about, and this looks quite Oriental. Then there is the point that this is basically a two colour image, with luscious greens coming in lower right. And lastly there is that totally fortuitous “face”, which adds more. It is the sort of picture that I long to take – and for me it might even be your best ever. A


    1. Ha, ha – thank you, Adrian. The light coming in through the windows at the moment is making for some interesting set pieces. I think the ease of picking up the phone to snap what I see immediately adds to the fun. Yes – the face was a wonderful serendipitous result! I’m pleased you like it 🙂

      Hope you’re feeling better.


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