Blue and White Abundance

bluenwhite-201605Abundant bluebells and wild garlic catch the sun as they sit under budding trees on a lovely sunny and warm day in May.

The sight of these pretty flowers sitting atop fresh green leaves – accompanied by the heavy pungent garlic aroma swirling around in the soft breeze – made for a lovely, rejuvenating, early May stroll.

16 thoughts on “Blue and White Abundance

    1. I love alliums very much, but don’t know a lot about them. I recall trying to grow one once and it didn’t do very well! I shall look up the one you mention, thank you!


    1. It’s interesting. I guess they enjoy the same conditions and both will naturalise easily within those ideal conditions. It’s lovely to see so many of these uplifting flowers this Spring!


          1. Ha! I’m wondering if it is down to Clay soil and Hornbeam or Beech trees. Maybe it’s time I researched Habitat on the Net – bet the first line of the Google search would be Habitat, the store!


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