wavy roses

wavy_roses-201605Pretty pink roses trained in a wavy style along the white-painted wall of an old barn.

The title of this post has resulted in the recollection of ‘Paper Roses’ by Donny and Marie Osmond circa the 1970s. It takes me back ………


10 thoughts on “wavy roses

  1. Awesome juxtaposition.

    I love that rose. I was just thinking what a gorgeous composition… when the long suppressed memory of Donny and Marie crooning ‘Paper Roses’ ravaged my consciousness. (Like in Salems Lot when the Glick boy was in bed going to sleep and there was a scratching sound on the window)


    1. I’m sorry about that 🙂 I’ve had that song in my head for several days now! Although a sad song, to me it sounds cheery, and it makes me feel better when I sing it at the top of my voice (been wondering why people have been keeping a distance recently 🙂 ). I’m pleased you like the image: thank you!


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