grasses in the sky

grass_sky_sat-201109Colourful pink, gold, and green ‘flowers’ from Miscanthus grass overlap and dance together against a soft September sky.

I pushed the saturation levels up a bit for this image to enhance the colours of the grass flowers, as my original image didn’t do them the justice they deserved!

10 thoughts on “grasses in the sky

  1. Wondering how long these soft September skies will last M … oops only tomorrow left ! It’s been glorious for the most part here today . Grasses do tend to be a little shy with their colours I like how you’ve managed that . I’m also reminded of that childhood game ‘pick up sticks’ 🙂


      1. Poppy will be fine M .. Louise is beginning to sound very formal lol x amazing clouds banking up behind the Hills here makes me wonder what’s in store for later . Enjoy your weekend M 🙂


        1. Yes – it felt awkward – sort of stilted – calling you Louise after Poppy. I wanted to cheekily type ‘Lou’ instead!

          How lovely to have amazing clouds banking up. The BBC weatherman showed a photo of a wonderful nimbo-cumulus cloud this morning as an indicator of what we should expect today, but it’s mainly plain old stratus cloud here 🙂

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