Spores on the Floor

spores_floor3-201612During a woodland walk today, came across this attractive fern leaf with brightly coloured spores sitting amongst fallen leaves.

Also found some beautiful beech twigs, ivy, berries, and wild clematis seed heads for an indoor Christmas display. The lounge looks rather ‘interesting’ and organic at the moment as these Natural delights await some arrangement 😉

8 thoughts on “Spores on the Floor

  1. Hi, Isn’t it great being a forest comber spotting and collecting natural objects to take home, to treasure and add to the ambience of our domestic environments? This week as I was walking along a bush track in the neighbouring Chewton hills, I found an oyster shell in the middle of the track. Of course, I had to take it home to ponder on how it had come to be there.

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    1. Hello Margaret. Yes – it’s lovely to be able to take home a little of favourite environments – always being careful not to take to much whilst respecting the environment. I have a weakness of beach bits and bobs, but the twigs and plants found yesterday have made a wonderful and original – cost free and priceless – addition to the festive decorations.


  2. Strange how some ferns wither away and others just carry on regardless like this perfectly preserved fern. There is so much of interest among the leaf litter at this time of the year – a beautiful little vignette.

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