Winter Window

bright_window-201612The same little tree, twigs, and outdoor berberis from a different perspective.

I’ve been thinking about the weather here – and the strangeness of it. Often, the harshest weather comes during the months of January and February, but even so, the mild – really rather warm – conditions so far this December seem unusual. The temps are in the mid-teens at present, and there is a humid feel to the air. We’ve had only a few very light frosts and a bit of fog. It’s quite curious.


6 thoughts on “Winter Window

  1. Hi, The lighting in this version of the subject seems wistful, perhaps because of the shadows.
    I have been wondering what our 2016/17 summer will be like given the wet and cold conditions which prevailed well into spring.


    • Thank you, Margaret. I was sort of aiming for wistful!

      One can’t say the weather is boring. I’ve started following the jetstream charts again – a very useful indicator of the type of weather we can expect.


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