Tree of Keys

bendy_keys-201701Spotted this tree full of seed ‘keys’ at the weekend. It’s situated on the edge of a car park I’ve used many times (albeit not very much during the past year).

It looked so pretty draped across the busy concrete car park. I wondered why it had never caught my attention before. I think it’s an Ash tree – they certainly have keys – but I’m not sure.

The weather here in Southern England has, thus far, been fairly unremarkable this Winter (or stagnant as a local weather forecaster called it yesterday). Neither too cold or too mild, too sunny or too dull, too wet or too dry – nothing exceptional at all really. However, that’s due to change this week as we’re set to receive Arctic conditions and perhaps the arrival of snow.

I expect we will all be wanting the unremarkable weather to come back fairly quickly if this Wintery weather does make an appearance!

8 thoughts on “Tree of Keys

    1. Thank you. I had associated Ash trees with having keys but was unsure myself as to why they were called such. Sycamore seeds can also be called keys but I had always named those ‘helicopters’ from childhood. I tried to find out why Ash seeds are called keys and found a little bit on the Forestry Commission website which simply states that they look like old-fashioned keys. It might be the way they hang down like a bunch of keys. My photo doesn’t show the detail of the seeds but here’s a couple of web pages about them with some more detailed images:

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