Flaking It

A characterful flaking peeling wall and downpipe on an old building in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. The colour combo really stood out!

The town is full of such interesting buildings (houses and shops) from the Victorian and Edwardian era, and many hours (months!) could be spent photographing all the attractive features and quirky colour schemes.

8 thoughts on “Flaking It

    1. A lot of the Victorian houses and shops have been painted in bright colours similar to those ‘down the road’ in the harbour village of Aberaeron, and also – more famously – like those in Tobermory. They are represented quite heavily in much of the local artwork. I like the less perfect and pretty bits: the peeling paint; downpipes; chipped stonework; and so on!

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        1. Hello, Val. I live in Wales near the West coast. Have only been here for a few months and have been very – quite unexpectedly – homesick. Getting out and about trying to build connections and to feel positive about the move. It’s a beautiful country. Are you an incomer or were you born here? Most people we have had acquaintances with are incomers – or blow-ins!

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          1. I’m also an ‘incomer’ (what a nice word! Not heard that one before.) I’m originally from London, England. Moved here about ten years ago. Some of my family are in South Wales, some near me. The S.Wales ones settled there in the early part of the 20th century. I feel really at home here, much more than I did in England but there are still things I miss from time to time. (Sorry for delay in reply to your comment, I’ve been offline for a rest for about a week.)

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