Nasturtium Seat

A black wicker style garden chair surrounded by a group of vibrant orange Nasturtium flowers outside the cafe of a Sculpture Garden in Wales.

Such an interesting place with themed areas in the large garden of sculptures and complementary planting based on an overall theme of peace and spirituality. The cafe was a fab way to round off a couple of hours strolling and contemplation with a delicious herbal tea and some delightfully tiny cakes!

Although a little difficult to find, and not advertised from the main road, it is well worth a visit if in the area.

8 thoughts on “Nasturtium Seat

    1. I’m pleased the image of these flowers has stirred a pleasant memory for you, Adrian. They were actually the very first flowers I planted in a garden I had many many moons ago when the children were small (I wonder if they remember ……..).

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    1. Thank you, Val. Yes, the contrast is what drew me to the shot. I had wanted to turn the chair around and shoot through the wicker work at the back but thought it might look weird to all the other customers 🙂

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