Autumn Leaf Sky

Bronze, pink and green Autumn coloured leaves make a vibrant foreground to a baby blue cloudy sky.

It’s 30 years ago tonight that the UK experienced ‘The Big Storm of 1987’ made famous – or rather infamous- by the terrible damage that was done, and also by that memorable weather forecast by Michael Fish who had been asked by a viewer whether a hurricane was on the way – to which he replied “no” and not to worry about it. I still remember it – lying awake that night with two small children in the house wondering if the windows were going to cave in.

The interesting thing about this is that another storm is on its way here tonight and through tomorrow – the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia. A strange coincidence.

15 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf Sky

  1. The reds look good against the blue; a very peaceful image. Very strange, almost coppery light here this morning, no doubt you will have seen it too – but 30 years ago I was well out of harm’s way, in the African bush! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Adrian. Yes, the light was very weird this morning – the kind of light you get with electric storms. Did you see the red sun? I glimpsed it whilst looking at wildly-moving power lines out front – caused by desert sand and also maybe the awful fires in Portugal and Spain. The winds were quite fierce this afternoon; we had a power outage and the broadband went down – but nothing more serious hereabouts. So, you were well away 30 years ago; it was a crazy night!


      1. No, I missed the red sun, I was out walking mostly pre-sunrise! But the strange coppery light throughout the morning was bizarre – wished I’d photographed it! Love outage, if only because it reassures me that, most of the time, we’re living in an innage! 🙂

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        1. Out walking pre-sunrise?! You must be a very early riser! I used to like getting up and out early on foggy and frosty mornings where we previously lived. There’s something magical about being out before dawn. I’m not sure about doing that here; a stranger in a strange land 🙂


          1. I’m usually up and about by 5am, but then I tend to fade rapidly into the afternoons, which I enjoy, especially if said fade is lubricated by classy Duvel. I’m a morning person anyway, but its become far more marked with retirement. Well, I would have thought west Wales a great place to walk around in the early hours >>> you haven’t moved to London!!! 🙂

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  2. It’s also nice to see a few green leaves among the reds and oranges. Our prime color is rapidly fading to browns and dirty yellows, but there are still some tenacious holdouts, and they’re still worth searching out.

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  3. I’m late, and Ophelia and Brian have been and gone and a few more leaves have left the trees. Is this a Smoke Bush? Looks very much like the leaves on the one that we left behind when we moved house


    1. Hi, Andy. I’m not sure if it was a smoke bush. It was situated behind an ivy-laden wall in a car park in Carmarthen. The colours really popped amidst the drabness of the surrounding concrete!


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