Snow Abstract

I found this curious image in my archives from Winter 2013. I think it was probably an image gone wrong rather than an experiment in motion blur. The ground was covered in layers of snow and the pink item at the bottom is a partially buried bag of farmyard compost which I’d probably purchased for my allotment. The packaging was rather pretty. I feel an element of sadness looking at this image as it reminds me of where I used to live (and miss) and also of the allotment I had for a short while.

5 thoughts on “Snow Abstract

    1. Thank you, Adrian. I probably shouldn’t look at the old photos – they keep dredging up the pain, but I thought it might be cathartic. At present, I’m having more good days than bad but when the bad hits it’s very painful.


  1. A sweet story with this mysterious image…I miss having a house with a yard and garden, and woods in the back. Maybe again someday. In the meantime, we find other alternatives, don’t we?


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