A large blousey Clematis in all its glory on a drizzly Sunday morning.

This plant is making a fantastic show with umpteen blooms having appeared over the last two weeks.

Seeing it flower in May informs me that it falls into pruning group 2 (there are 3 different types of Clematis requiring different care) meaning I don’t need to prune it at all (a relief as I wouldn’t have felt confident pruning it!).

18 thoughts on “Clematis

  1. What a beautiful flower. Ours also looked fantastic this Spring, but has already finished flowering. Peak flower happened while there was scaffolding in place for some work on the roof. Thankfully the Clematis survived the intrusion.

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    1. Ah – you must have the earlier Spring flowering Clematis – pruning type 1! They look such delicate plants, but I think they have a toughness and resilience about them. The trellis this was attached to fell onto the ground earlier this year but it has recovered spectacularly!


    1. Thank you, E! I’m surprised that it grows so well in this very hot garden. It gets around 12-14 hours of sunlight a day, and sits in pretty stony soil by a wall! They are tougher than they look.


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