Lost in Green

A pink foxglove flower sits amidst a sea of green leaves and umbellifer flowers.

Both wild and cultivated foxgloves have seeded all around the garden – flowering in all the plots …….. gifts from the breeze. They look wonderful – so architectural, strong, and healthy. They seem to be the right plant in the right place on the right kind of soil (like the parsnip flowers 🙂 ).

Wild foxgloves can be found amongst hedgerows around here, and can be differentiated from the cultivated foxgloves by the position of the flowers. If they are situated on one side of the flower stem, they are wild and if they sit all around the stem, they are the cultivated type.

12 thoughts on “Lost in Green

  1. Love the contrast of green and pink. I too have a mix of wild and cultivated foxgloves. I didn’t have any foxgloves till i grew them a couple of years ago. I collected seed from the wild and grew on little plants which I have distributed into shadey corners.

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    1. It’s interesting that you mention shade. I thought they needed a shady spot, but they have surprised by growing very strongly in hot sunny spots around the garden! A success at adaptation.

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