Solstice Waves

A rotated view of the sand, waves, and sky at Sunset on Midsummer’s day at Llangrannog Beach, Ceredigion.

It was bitterly cold with a biting incessant North wind. I even got earache whilst on the beach waiting for the sun to set – it was that cold! However – in line with the wild swings of weather these days – we are now in the midst of a heatwave with temperatures set to rise through the coming week.

8 thoughts on “Solstice Waves

    1. Ha, ha – that’s right! A handful of people stood around waiting for the sun to set; a couple of dog walkers, a couple of people with cameras, a small group of 5 or 6 sitting huddled together on chairs, and a couple of people sitting in the warmth of their cars! Not so cold now though: mid-high 20s celsius, set to go higher!


  1. Absolutely wonderful image, absolutely super, my friend. Its the combination of blue and yellow, and I love the different textures of the beach, the sea and the sky, and I love the upturned three waves – wonderful! A πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you very much, Adrian! The layers created by the waves, with the strips of beach and sky, made it an ideal candidate for a rotation πŸ™‚ The beaches in West Wales are very clean – and the water often so clean and clear. This particular beach won a couple of awards this year.

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