Snow Crow

A crow surveys the landscape after a dusting of snow – the first of the Season.

Weather forecasters had been warning of the first really cold conditions of the Winter for a while, and we got a little taste of it today. The Winter, however, has been incredibly mild (up until today) – only one or two mornings of light frost so far.

More cold weather is forecast to arrive for the end of January – beginning of Feb, so it will begin to feel like ‘proper’ Winter. Although I’m not sure what ‘proper’ Winter is anymore!

21 thoughts on “Snow Crow

  1. Hi, Instead of mist and snow, our local crows are currently surviving in a baking summer landscape. Temperatures have been in the 30s and 40s over the past 3 weeks. We are currently waiting for a ‘cool change’ which will reduce day time temperatures to the late 20s or low 30s for a couple of days.

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  2. It helps to be retired, so I am free to adopt my summer routine – an early morning walk with Katie, my dog, breakfast, doing the more energetic tasks in the morning, lunch, then relaxing in airconditioned comfort in the afternoon. After dinner, it is out to the garden to water and do the odd job.

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