A Wild bunch

A little group of diminutive wild strawberries and veronica (speedwell) in a grassy area of the garden.

The garden is looking particularly lush and blossom-full at the moment due in part to the cooler slightly wetter weather conditions. It actually feels more like the Junes of the old days before we begun having the very un-British hot dry Summers of more recent years.

Although it has brought out the slugs and snails in abundance as they chomp through the cultivated strawberry bed and other tasty delights, I’m so grateful for the refreshing rain.

18 thoughts on “A Wild bunch

        1. I had to look up ‘twitch’ – having never heard of it – to discover it’s the same as couch grass; troublesome stuff. I wonder whether planting yellow rattle would weaken it.

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  1. Beautiful image, Meanderer. We have some wild strawberries in our garden too, I haven’t looked at them in a few days. When it finally stops raining today I must see how they are getting on

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    1. Gosh – yesterday’s rain! We had torrential rain through the day and night – accompanied by stormy winds. Have had to re-stake a few plants. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit calmer πŸ™‚


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