Midsummer Walk

Grass flowers – or panicles – situated in front of a metal fence on a very warm and sunny Midsummer’s day.

I photographed these along a pathway to an entrance to the Preseli Hills national park in Wales where we spent several hours yesterday for the Solstice.

The park is a pretty fascinating and important ancient and historical site. It is said to be the place where the bluestones of Stonehenge originated and it has many associations with King Arthur. We walked a fair way to find ‘Bedd Arthur’, a stone circle said to be King Arthur’s burial place (amongst many others across the UK). It was very well hidden by the contours of the hilly landscape but well worth finding; a special place.

We also climbed up Foeldrygarn – an ancient hill fort with three burial cairns on the top. The views were pretty good and far-ranging, albeit a little misty.

We read on a notice board that the government wanted to take over the park during the Second World War for military training purposes – similar to Salisbury Plain – but locals campaigned against it and won meaning it can be enjoyed to this day by all.

12 thoughts on “Midsummer Walk

  1. I like this picture very much, M, it goes very well in mono. But as to King Arthur – haha! from one who is living “beside Avalon”, caution is advised! If it is to be believed, I remember reading ages ago that, leaving aside all the medieval stories, there are only six actual mentions of Arthur in history – and one of those mentions records his absence at some place or event! A 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Adrian. Oh, yes – you do have to be careful with various stories of Arthur. These stones were placed here several thousand years before him – but we love the romance and the wonderful stories 🙂

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