Sit Thee Sen Down (then dance!)


A warm Yorkshire welcome from a characterful ‘olde worlde’ cafe in the Yorkshire Dales photographed on one of our visits a few years ago.

The menu looks pretty straightforward and the price for tea or coffee with ‘cake of the day’ seems very reasonable especially if was a generous slice of cake!

On another subject – not unrelated to the post – music is very important to me; I have wide and varied tastes – from heavy metal to opera, and most inbetween. I’ve always liked brass bands and thought it would be fun to go and see a proper brass band concert whilst in the Yorkshire Dales. We went to see the Muker Silver Band one evening; great fun!

Across the musical genres if I had to pick a favourite band it would be Muse. I’ve loved everything they have done since I first came across them in 2000. Their talent and energy is a wonder to behold. So, imagine my joy a couple of weeks ago (during a stressful and unhappy week) when I came across a brass band playing their version of a high energy Muse song performed by Vigilante Brass. I can’t help but smile when I hear it and I thought I would share it here.

For any Muse fans who haven’t come across it I hope you’ll enjoy it and for any non-Muse fans I think you may find it great fun too; sheer joy!

6 thoughts on “Sit Thee Sen Down (then dance!)

  1. Hi, I’m with you on brass bands. I’ve only really discovered the delights of brass bands since coming to live in Castlemaine. There are bands in Maldon, Castlemaine and Bendigo. I thoroughly enjoy a live brass band concert especially when I can feel the floorboards vibrating under my feet.

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