Palmy Balmy Barmy January

A palm tree casting shadows against a white sun-soaked wall symbolising a very mild January here in Wales.

Photographed yesterday whilst out on a walk during a rare bit of Winter sunshine. It’s been overall overcast, rainy, and mild with barely a touch of frost. Had a walk around the garden yesterday and discovered Hollyhocks, Knautia, Cornflower, and Phacelia flowers still in bloom from last Summer; incredible.

This mild wet and windy weather is due to a positive North Atlantic Oscillation meaning the jet stream is very strong and meandering bringing southerly warm maritime winds up from the Azores. It looks set to continue throughout the rest of January and into February meaning very little ‘proper’ cold bright Winter weather.

9 thoughts on “Palmy Balmy Barmy January

    1. I spotted a dwarf iris this morning so they seem ok – albeit early. Will watch to see what happens with other bulbs, although forecasters are saying we may get some frost this weekend and into next week. We’ll see!


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