Witch Hazel Disc

It wouldn’t be January if I didn’t post a photo of one of my favourite plants: the Witch Hazel.

Here is a yellow variety reflected in a water feature in a Japanese-themed garden photographed a couple of weeks ago. The scent was heavenly!

17 thoughts on “Witch Hazel Disc

  1. Beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Witch Hazel growing. I use its water often (very useful), and we have a corkscrew hazel in our garden. Are they slow growing trees?

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    1. Thank you! I used to use Witch Hazel lotion on my skin as a teenager πŸ™‚ There are three places where I have seen many varieties of Witch Hazel growing, two of which were botanic gardens. I recommend the Botanic Garden of Wales a few miles east of Carmarthen. January is the best time to see them when they are in full flower. I’ve never seen one in a residential garden but they might not be as noticeable outside their flowering time. I’m not sure if they are slow growing – the ones I’ve seen are more the size of large shrubs so would be suitable for a garden. I think they prefer acid soil, though.

      I like corkscrew hazels. We have a corkscrew (or twisted) Willow. It’s not faring very well in the winds here. I’m worried about it for tomorrow during the storm 😦


      1. I’m quite a long way from Camarthen (as I’m in mid-Wales), but if I ever find myself in that area, I’ll definitely visit the Botanic Garden of Wales. Our corkscrew hazel is surrounded by small conifers so I think it’ll probably be okay, I hope yours is during the coming storm. The winds are already building, here.

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        1. Hope the storm isn’t causing trouble for you there. It wasn’t quite as bad as we were expecting here: seems as if North Wales has lots of problems with localised flooding 😦


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