Wintry Chard

Rainbow chard – sown last Summer – still going strong in the garden, but caught in the midst of blustery winds and hail a couple of days ago.

Storm Ciara came and went last weekend and she wasn’t quite as bad in our area as forecast.  We have actually had stronger winds and heavier rain and hail since she left our shores.  Yesterday was the calmest and brightest day for quite a while – very Spring-like, but it’s not due to last; Storm Dennis is on the way for the coming weekend.

I had difficulties choosing which Chard image to post out of several quite similar so I thought I would pop some of the others together below:

10 thoughts on “Wintry Chard

    1. 🙂 Thank you for looking through them, my friend. My first choice was the last one in the group but then I changed my mind. Took me ages to pick one! These chard plants are always good fun to photograph as they are so colourful!

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    1. Thank you, Gary. I photographed the plants through the window which was streaming with rain – adding to the effect. We’re getting ready for the next storm arriving tomorrow (the jet stream is currently extremely strong).


  1. Hi, I admire ruby chard for the bright red stems which glow in the sunlight. I plan to grow some more this year after missing out last year. The storms in your area must be really something if they bear names. In Australia, it is the tropical cyclones which are named and they don’t occur too often. Victoria is too far south to experience cyclones although we sometimes receive heavy rain as a cyclone weakens and disperses.

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    1. Hi, Margaret. I recommend Rainbow Chard if you can get it for the wonderful variety of colours. Regarding the named storms, I’m not sure why some weather systems get names whilst others don’t. We have found that we often get stronger winds without a storm being named. I don’t really understand the reasoning for it unless it’s the extent of possible problems.


  2. Hi Meanderer! I was reading about how Stonehenge is going to live stream the summer solstice sunset and sunrise and I thought of you! It has been quite a while since we’ve talked or that you’ve posted and I do hope you’re just taking a break and are okay, and doing well through this whole pandemic.:-)


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