Canna Leaves

A close-up view of glowing canna lily leaves on a bright Autumn day.


A few bloggers and myself have had some recent trouble with images not showing up on the Reader with some bloggers having to fiddle with re-editing, re-sizing, centering or making their image a ‘featured image’ before it will appear. My image from two days ago was a smaller size than I would normally post which shouldn’t have caused a problem but it might have been the issue. I tried a test post this morning with my standard size of image and it worked ok. Just posted this and the image didn’t appear so I deleted it and tried again. The block editor seems to be rather glitchy with images at present.

26 thoughts on “Canna Leaves

    1. Hello Eddie. I’m so sorry for the late reply but WP had placed your comment in my spam folder and I’ve only just seen it. Many thanks for letting me know about the image. That was the day when I posted then realised the image wasn’t in the Reader, deleted it, then wrote the post again! All seems to be working now though (I think!!). Many thanks once again 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lynn. Sorry about the double post – I deleted the first post when the picture didn’t appear (long story) then created a new one a few minutes after – with the centering of the image – which was a success. I think WP is finding a different way every day to frustrate us 🙂

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    1. Yep – I ignored it for a long time until I was thrust into it, then I thought I really ought to give it a go. I like some aspects of it but, at present, it is pretty slow, cumbersome, and glitchy. My thought was that if we gradually feed back what’s wrong with it, it can only improve – especially by the time they withdraw the Classic for good. It could work optimally by then, ha, ha ……..

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  1. That’s an amazingly beautiful close-up, my friend!
    I’ve had problems with images also. For example images that I’ve uploaded which are crispy clear, after I publish appear blurry. After uploading the same image 2-3 times it appears okay. There are too many glitches with the block editor and I really wonder why they insist on it or at least fix them!

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    1. It seems as if almost every day there is a new little glitch on WP! Thank goodness we support and help each other (which is why I like this platform). Many thanks, my friend 🙂 xx


  2. Very nice shot! 🙂
    The glitches with the editor are unfuriating. On my sad and Angry post it completely dropped the first image from the subscriber email and it wasn’t showing in reader either. Yep, it was still there when I went back into re-edit and after making just one click to ‘fool’ it into thinking I had made some changes it magically re-apperaed on Reader! Strangely while it wasn’t on Reader or in the subscriber email it had shown all along on the blog site! It is all so bewildering. Like you I am all too aware from others experience that it is not user error!
    Keep on keeping on… so we can continue to enjoy your work.
    Best wishes 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Mr C. I’ve forgotten – several times now – to say thanks for your helpful comments on dothob’s website about centering and / or editing the image. That was what worked for me. It certainly is bewildering, but thank goodness, as I mentioned to Marina, that we help each other when there are issues. As you say, let’s all keep on keeping on 🙂

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  3. Hi, I have enjoyed catching up with your fabulous ‘photos. The purple sweet peas and the canna leaves are winners.
    Victoria is edging towards COVID normal although I have no idea what the festive season will look like. Melbourne is just coming out of weeks/months of stage 4 lockdown during which time people could not travel more than 5 ks from home and there was a curfew. Melbourne is beginning to enjoy some of the freedoms regional Victoria has had for some weeks eg. shops which are open and eating out. The ring of steel around Melbourne separating the city from the rest of Victoria will be lifted shortly – I hope – as I have not seen family for months. Victorians still cannot travel to other states because of closed borders. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more double doughnut days – no new cases, no deaths.
    As for the WordPress editor, I don’t understand why there is no explanation about categories and tags given I can’t find where my lists are hiding. grrrr!

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    1. Many thanks for looking through the images, Margaret. I’m pleased to report that the sweet peas are STILL flowering despite colder mornings, heavy rain, and very strong winds!

      Your area of Australia has had a very tough time – under restrictions for so long. I do hope you are able to return to some semblance of normality soon, and are able to visit family. In the UK, generally, we have a long way to go with more areas being put into tougher restrictions every day.

      Yes – as for the WP editor, we could definitely do without its quirks and glitches. I haven’t found where the categories and tags are hiding either – I’m just relying on typing a bit of the word and waiting for it to come up; not ideal!


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