A yellow painted sun-drenched building photographed off-kilter against a pure blue cloudless sky.

To me, the photo also represents our current strange weather in the UK. Taken on its own, the current record-breaking WINTER HEATWAVE (it’s the only way it can be described) might not be anything to worry about – just a blip – but add it to all the other extreme weather examples and oddities of the last few years, and it just feels very worrying.

Yesterday whilst wandering around a Botanic Garden (with no need for a coat even though it’s Winter and the site is very open and exposed) I saw lots of bees of different types, butterflies, and other flying insects, Spring plants in full flower – I wonder if they will last until Spring. February has also been very dry and there are currently moors fires which firefighters are struggling to put out.

The weather is set to turn from tomorrow with winds coming in from the Atlantic bringing some welcome showers, but it is still going to be comparatively warm. I hope the newly emerged creatures are going to be able to cope with any downward temperatures that March and April may bring.