Sweetness Arrived

The very first sweet peas of the season have arrived, bringing their intense scent with them …….. carried indoors into an awaiting jam jar.

I love sweet peas – a quintessential Cottage garden plant. I hadn’t grown them before we moved to this new place and have had mixed results. The first Summer they did very well – growing up and over a hedge which was allowed to grow higher than normal . Last Summer they struggled in the drought – plus I had sown them in the wrong place – quite shallow soil at the edge of a bed.  I had a handful of blooms before they succumbed to a bad greenfly infestation due to the heat and a shallow depth of soil.

This little group of sweet peas – a heritage variety bred for its scent – has been sown into deep rich soil to grow up an obelisk. I hope they will be able to withstand better any extreme weather and insect invasion.