Ivy Lichen Wall

A colour-matched ivy leaf and lichen adorn a stone wall.

Autumn colour change is happening quite slowly here; there’s still lots of green around but there are odd touches of yellow, and red hawthorn berries in the hedgerows are beginning to stand out.

There are still many Summer flowers in bloom in the garden, encouraged by the relatively mild day and night time temps. As a record of this mild Autumn I thought I should list the plants still in bloom: Cornflowers; Nasturtiums; hesperantha; Hollyhocks; clarkia; Californian poppies; Rudbeckias (only a few); Mullein; Red campion; Phacelia; Borage; Achillea; Knautia; Chives; Snapdragon. Will be interesting to compare.

The mild weather is predicted to continue this Autumn and Winter accompanied by strong winds and rain. Apparently a North Atlantic Oscillation is the dominant factor creating a strong jet stream.