Garden Impression

The colours of the garden photographed through rain-soaked glass this morning. It was the first decent rainfall since May and it was gratefully received.

I had planted and sown lots of things early May – laying down roots metaphorically and literally in this new place – but hadn’t reckoned on the following drought conditions (plus many days of a heatwave) especially here …… in Wales! The hottest temperature in the UK was recorded in Wales, too.

The water butts ran dry, the grass slowly turned brown and crispy from the edges inwards, and even the long-established plants in the damp flower bed started to show signs of stress. Every three days, I diligently carried many watering cans to and fro the new plants.

In the foreground here – lavender, which needed no extra watering – thrived as it does in hot dry conditions, but the plants beyond – the annuals and bedding – needed more care. I should think they are as happy and relieved as I am today!