Christmas Day Tree


We visited the ‘ghost village’ of Imber on Salisbury Plain today – something which is turning into an annual event for us at this time of year.

The village and the roads leading to it are only open for a few days during the year – depending on military training.

We arrived quite late in the afternoon after driving in along a different – and rather pretty – route by mistake. When we arrived – amidst the steadily gathering clouds brought in on a brisk wind- we found the place deserted, which was quite strange as it often attracts numerous visitors when open. It felt quite eerie.

We discovered that the main focal point – Imber Church – had closed for the day and we couldn’t get access.  Whilst we sat in the car, just about to have a coffee and snack, the setting sun broke through the clouds and cast a golden glow over trees and numerous deep puddles – a consequence of ground saturation due to recent heavy, relentless, rain.

Here a tree casts a shadow across a large, deep, rippling puddle whilst the sun casts a soft late-afternoon golden glow.