Autumn Yellow

Acid yellow fennel flowers add zing to the Autumn garden. Fennel seedlings have popped up all over the garden – which is great as they provide structure, screening, and pretty flowers which attract a multitude of insects. No frosts as yet so the garden is still looking pretty colourful. Managed to get out in the garden this week to do some Autumn jobs after all the rain, including transplanting some trees and biennials (foxgloves and mulleins) – October being the optimal time to carry out this work. The combination of soft light and gentle bird song out there is glorious.

On the virus front, from this evening people from areas of high covid incidence across the UK will be barred from entering Wales; police will stop travellers and turn them back. Wales is a popular tourist destination and many of these tourist hotspots currently have low levels of the virus. I think the police may be busy. Also being discussed at present is what is being described as a ‘fire break’ – a short (2 or 3 weeks) strict lockdown to try to stem cases and therefore hospital admissions. We will be notified on Monday if the Welsh government decide to go ahead.