Spring Greens

Spring is a time when we look for colour after the darker days of Winter and I’ve photographed lots of pink, red, purple and orange flowers during the months of March and April. However, I thought I would feature and celebrate the varieties of greens which also cheer during these Spring months. Here, then, is a selection of Spring Green plants I’ve photographed over the last 10 years – some of which have been posted on this blog before (some time ago) and some of which are new to the blog.

A group of ferns unfurling with daffodils scattered amongst them. Situated next to the River Avon in Wiltshire, photographed 2014

Moss-covered fence panels and the beginnings of a climber sprawling across. Photographed 2014

Early Spring crops: a type of brassica in flower in March (Spring Greens!). A common feature amidst the beautiful large and rolling hills of Wiltshire. Crops like this don’t seem to be grown in Wales. Photographed 2014.

An attractive tree silhouette makes short cropped Spring lawn interesting. Photographed 2014

Moss growing on fairly new metal – part of a new construction. It doesn’t take Nature long to begin to reclaim ……. 2012

A Japanese garden complete with tea house and the River Avon. Photographed 2014 at a place I loved to visit in Wiltshire; so peaceful. A real haven.

A glimpse inside a yellowy-green tulip. 2012

Moss between paving slabs with a little lavender on the side. 2015

A patch of pondweed highlighted by the low sun peeking through. The River Avon in Wiltshire 2013

Spring veg garden with box hedging (not mine – it’s far too spick and span 🙂 ). 2012