Clinging On

A few copper-coloured beech leaves cling on during late November.

We had our first touch of frost a few days ago although temps dipped only just below freezing. I thought it might finish off the Summer flowers which were still blooming in the garden but as of today the California Poppies, Knautia, Cornflowers, Phacelia, Red Campion and Corn Marigolds are amazingly still in flower.

The current dark cloudy murky days are a bit of a downer so we’ve decided to put up some Christmas decorations and lights earlier than usual. I’ve noticed many other householders have put up lots of bright flashy Christmas lights early this year. We can all do with a bit of cheer I think.

I’ve been having a few problems with the Reader over the last week or two. It keeps jumping up and down as I scroll. Is anyone else having the same problem? Not sure if it’s my old lappy or a WP thing.