Golden Twinkly Morning


A view across an upstairs room early this morning to a condensation-filled window through to golden sunrise- illuminated horse-chestnut leaves. The vertical lines are streaks where larger condensation droplets have formed and have run down the window. I was surprised at the sparkly effect!

25 thoughts on “Golden Twinkly Morning

  1. Twinkly is a perfect descriptor. I fell in love with the horse chestnut back in grade school. The campus included a smithy (collected by Henry Ford) and there was was a magnificent one right outside its front door, a fine nod to Longfellow (“Under the spreading chestnut tree the village smithy stands / The smith, a mighty man is he, with large and sinewy hands…”) A beautiful photograph, M!


  2. I love this, M! The sparkly clear lines produced by the running condensation are excellent, but equally so is the rest of it – that diffuse, nebulous, shimmering, golden backdrop is just wonderful. Great stuff! Adrian


    1. I’m so pleased you like this one, Adrian. This was posted hot off the press – so to speak. From clicking the shutter to uploading in a short space of time. It was a beautiful peaceful moment in an otherwise chaotic week ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you very much, Lunch Sketch. It was a lovely sight and one which inpsired me – whilst the sleep was still in my eyes – to make the effort to try and capture it in a photograph ๐Ÿ™‚


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